Head out to choice destinations accessible only by bus, while enjoying the changing scenery in a 12-seat private space that goes beyond the confines of an ordinary bus.

Supreme trips, filled with luxury throughout every moment and tailored to adults who appreciate authenticity, become a reality with GRANDAYS.

The space, experiences, and hospitality of our GRAND CLASS
elevate every moment to the sublime.


Transcending the notion of what a bus can offer, our passengers can experience the
  • A relaxing, hotel-like interior space with a luxuriously designed seating and interior.
  • A skilled driver to ensure safety and comfort.
  • Enjoy direct access to the destination in a way only a bus can provide.


Carefully selected, compelling experiences for people in the know. Natural landscapes, hot springs, Gourmet eating, history, crafts, culture and arts, experiences, accommodations.
  • Special experiences and hospitality.
  • Originality developed in tandem with local communities.


Nobuhiko Shimizu General Manager
It began with a monitor tour to which I was invited.

Surrendering myself to the schedule of the tour, I experienced an out-of-the-ordinary tour with natural scenery I'd never seen before, hot springs off the beaten track, and foods and drinks made with commitment to the history, culture, ingredients, and cooking methods of the region, right down to the tableware and specialty restaurant. In my encounters with people who are trying to endorse the value of their tourism attractions and enliven their region, I learned that transportation was a major concern.

"There's something we can do about that," I thought, and immediately began making preparations. Challenging ourselves to create comfortable buses suited to connecting people with high-quality tourism resources was exhilarating work for us. We implemented a number of ideas, unbound by the conventional concepts of tour buses, to create unprecedented luxury buses.

Through this process, GRANDAYS was born. The distinct feature and key word in this is "collaboration." A collaboration between our innovative and high-grade buses tasked with transporting passengers to various locales by road, and the key figures in town development and tourism who support local residents and their activities.

In this collaboration, the key players who make up the final piece of GRANDAYS are none other than the customers who enjoy the tours. Customers spending "special time with special people on special days” to encounter surprise and delight through new experiences, is what bring GRANDAYS to completion.

We wholeheartedly look forward to meeting you.

Nobuhiko Shimizu
General Manager
Public Transportation and Tourist Buses Division
Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd.




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