Responses to customer queries about GRANDAYS:

  • Are reservations required?
    Reservations are required for all tours. Please visit the details section on each tour's page for information on how to book.
  • What facilities are available in the individual seating areas?
    Air purifier, air conditioning, lighting, coat closet (with coat hook), tables.
  • Is the vehicle equipped with a toilet?
    A toilet is not available in the vehicle. The tour will make rest stops at highway service areas, parking areas, etc. as appropriate.
  • What amenities are available to passengers?
    Blankets, slippers, wet towels, and cup holders are available.
  • Are there restrictions on bringing items aboard the vehicle?
    There are no restrictions on bringing food or drinks aboard, but please refrain from bringing in items that may bother others, such as items with strong odors. Trunks and other large baggage items will be placed in the below-floor storage area.
  • Can pets be brought aboard?
    We request that pets are not brought on board, as they could bother other passengers.




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